The BiheNepal Project

Because nations are defined by its society, a good society is created by happy families,
and happy families are formed by one great union at a time.

Our Mission

We know our society doesn't have much of a dating culture, and aside from a close circle of friends and relatives, there are not many easily accessible ways to find a good life-partner. Even in arranged marriages, suitable prospective brides and grooms are set up by immediate relatives or a lami. This is usually a slow and awkward process, with limited options for finding compatible matches. Additionally, in many cases, it leads to forced marriages where the sons and daughters cave under the pressure of their families to accept the arranged union. Our intention with Bihenepal was to provide a platform where all Nepali singles globally would meet and find commitment under their own initiative. From a large selection pool, it would lead to increased chances for finding a compatible mate.

"Why should I join BIHENEPAL?"

✓ Bihenepal has been branded to be a commitment-seeking platform. There are more than 37,000 people who have already joined the platform.

✓ It is a free platform, because we wanted it to be easily accessible for Nepalis all over the country and globe.

✓ For your privacy, we have kept the first name hidden. (eg. if you are Pratikshya Karki, your name will be displayed as P. Karki.) So, there is no risk for your name to be taken and used to stalk you on other social media. You can give out contact info, name and social media handles only after you are comfortable enough after enough chat conversations and inquiry through the Bihenepal app.

✓ There is a face-scanner verification system to avoid catfishing. If you are interested in a profile, you can request the user to complete the verification process. This will make sure that the photos of them are their own.

✓ We have only asked for minimal details on personal profiles to maintain everyone's privacy.

The Goal

Our goal is simple: To get all Nepali singles on ONE Platform. Let’s make it happen!