Dating Safety

It is great that you can now connect and meet with new people you would never come across otherwise, all because of a common, online platform. We hope all your online and in-person interactions are pleasant and positive, but it is always to keep in mind some safety precautions:

Online Safety

1. Keep your personal information private

✓ In your public profile, never include your first name, exact home address, phone number, e-mail address, or any other identifiable information. Stop engaging with anyone who forces you to give out your personal or financial information or tries to trick you into revealing it in any way, and report them to us right away.

✓ Do not reveal too many details about yourself or become too close to anyone until you have developed enough trust in them. Be careful when interacting with profiles that have not uploaded their own photos (hidden their face & identity), or filled out all of their details on their public profile.

✓ Do not send intimate photographs or messages.

2. Be Aware of Fraud and Scammers

Be wary of fake profiles, fake pictures, requests for money, people claiming to be "out of the country" and in need of financial assistance, odd messages that could be templates, quickly asking to talk or chat on an outside email or messaging service, vanishing mysteriously from the site, then reappearing under a different name.

3. Never send strangers money

Don't send strangers money — they are most likely scammers. Never give out your financial information to strangers, such as your social security number, credit card number, or bank account number. If anyone pretends to be in an emergency and asks you for money, and notify us right away.

4. Report suspicious users who:

✓ Seems to be under the age of 18

✓ Has a fake profile

✓ Sends inappropriate messages or threats

✓ Tries selling you something

✓ Asking you for money or donations

✓ Offering you a job opportunity

✓ Redirect to other websites or pornographic websites

✓ Inappropriate behavior after face-to-face meetings

Safety when Meeting in Person

1. Don't Rush to Meet in-person

Get to know someone through chat before you decide to meet in person. Take your time and don’t rush to meet them before you know them well enough. We don't verify criminal backgrounds or such details of users, so it is your responsibility to make sure that the relationship you have with one of our users is legal and remain cautious. You can ask questions to screen for any red flags or personal dealbreakers. You can also have a phone call and video call beforehand for safety.

2. Meet in Public Areas

Always meet in a public place during your first few meetings, and until you have full trust in the person you are meeting. If the person you are meeting tries to pressure you to go to a private location, you must leave immediately.

3. Inform Relatives and Friends About the Plans you Make

Before going for a date, always make sure a few important people (close friends/ relatives) are aware of when and where you’re going, and whom you are planning to meet. Even during the date, make sure you have your phone on and emergency dial accessible at all times. It is best that you know and have fact-checked important personal details about the person before you meet them, including their education, workplace, family, etc (today, most of this information can be verified by connecting to the person via social media.)

4. Manage your own Transportation

Remember to have your own transportation to get to and return from the date, so you don’t have to depend on the other party. This will allow you to go and return on your own will, and will prevent your new date from knowing your pickup/drop-off location.

5. Alcohol Use

We want to warn anyone to avoid any alcohol use especially on the first few dates, and know what your limits are. Since alcohol can impair your judgment, please remain aware of all the effects that could result from careless use of alcohol.

6. Be Aware of Possible Substance Abuse

If you decide to drink, only accept ones that are directly served by the restaurant/bartender. Make sure no one can tamper with the drink, since many sexual assault cases result from other substances being unknowingly mixed into the drinks. Also keep your personal belongings guarded and with you at all times.

7. Leave if you Begin to Feel Uncomfortable

Do remember that if you start to feel uncomfortable at any point of the date, you can leave. You can also request a staff member of the restaurant/ institution for any help, if you feel threatened in any way.