Bihe Nepal presents the following legally binding terms and conditions to assist you as your personal matchmaking platform and these can be modified and adjusted by Bihe Nepal time to time as per need. Access to Bihe Nepal is free.

This agreement shall be guided by the Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 and Electronic Transaction Rules, 2064.

 Bihe Nepal is a personal advertising platform where individual members advertise and promote their profiles including personal information for the purpose of finding suitable partners. This site cannot be misconceived as a casual dating site, rather it is a serious matchmaking tool for finding a suitable life companion for marriage.

  1. Acceptance of Terms and conditions:

To become a member of Bihe Nepal, you must register yourself by filling up all the necessary information required while registration and such information must be true as well as valid. As this contract is a standardized contract, it is regarded as a legally binding contract and the terms and conditions mentioned here are to be accepted to become a member of Bihe Nepal.

You must attentively read and understand all the terms and conditions before registering yourself as a member of Bihe Nepal and accepting to become a member also is a consent of providing all the required personal information that includes citizenship certificate, driving license,……………

If you have any objection and wish to withdraw your membership from Bihe Nepal you can delete your account as per your need.

  1. Eligibility:
  • Bihe Nepal only entertains members who are legally competent to involve in conjugality. To become a member of Bihe Nepal or create an account, you must have attained the age of 20 which is regarded as the legal marriageable age for both male and female as per the National Civil Code of Nepal.
  • You agree to submit all the related documents and appropriate information which supports the fact that you are legally capable of marriage and also not a minor.
  • Choosing to become a member of this site, you confirm that you are not looking for casual dating, rather are seriously indulging yourself to find a suitable life partner.
  • You should also be aware of the fact that the match search results that appear by the system are totally based on the partner preference and the detailed information filled up by you during the login process.
  1. Disclaimers:
  • Bihe Nepal shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a consequence of anyone's use of the app, or any Content posted on the account or communicated to Bihe Nepal Members. You should not give other Members your financial information (such as your credit card or bank account number), or transmit money, if done so Bihe Nepal will not be responsible for such activity.
  • Bihe Nepal will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by any individual as a result of or subsequent to any relationships (including but not limited to marital relationships) formed as a result of using the application.
  • Bihe Nepal disclaims all responsibility and liability for any illegal Content placed on the app by members, users, or any other third parties.

  1. Account Security:

You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your login information you fill up during the process of registration and also should be responsible for the activities that occur through your account. You must immediately inform us about any unauthorized use of your account and other breach of security and ensure that you log out of your account at the end of each session.  

  1. Term and Termination:

You are obliged to follow all the terms and conditions mentioned here as long as you use our application.

You can delete your account as per your need by following the proper instructions for deleting the account.

Bihe Nepal shall terminate your account if found any activities that breaches the terms and conditions and if found engaging in any activities prohibited by the law of Nepal or found to be involved in any illegal act.

  1. Non- commercial and illegal use:

This site is purely created for the purpose of providing a platform to those who are interested in marriage and finding appropriate matches. Except for this objective, no member can use this site for their commercial purposes as well as any other illegal purposes. If found to be involved in any of these activities, your profile will be thoroughly investigated and appropriate legal action against those activities will be proceeded.

  1. Content posted on the site:

Bihe Nepal may delete any content, communication, photos or even profiles that violate the agreement or is offensive, illegal and which may violate the rights and security of other members.

You hereby grant to Bihe Nepal the undeniable and absolute right and license to use, store, distribute, reproduce, adapt, publicly perform, and publicly display such Content on the Site and to members of Bihe Nepal from time to time with respect to Content you submit on publicly accessible areas of the Site. This implies that all Content that you upload, post, email, transmit, or make accessible over the site is totally your responsibility. Bihe Nepal has no control over the content submitted and so cannot guarantee its correctness, integrity, or standard. Therefore, we request all the members of Bihe Nepal to properly verify the content and information you submit and fill up.

The kind of content that is prohibited and cannot be posted or shared while using this application are listed below:

  • Content that harms social integrity, harmony and religious tolerance and promotes racism, hatred or harm to any individual or group.
  • Content that encourages harassment and defamation of any other person by promoting false and misleading information.
  • Content related to any other copyrighted material or pirated files.
  • Content that displays pornographic or sexually driven material and materials that exploits minors (under 18 year age).
  1. Copyright policy:

All the posts, materials, pictures and others posted in the app are copyrighted materials which cannot be used, distributed, posted or reproduced in any other site by any member or user.

  1. Interaction with other members:

You bear an absolute responsibility for all your communications with other members of Bihe Nepal. Bihe Nepal shall not monitor all the communication as well as disputes that arise through such communications. Bihe Nepal shall however register complaints against some serious matter and take necessary action against such only in crucial situations. Members using this application should be self-secured and be more aware about interacting with other members.  

  1. Privacy:

Bihe Nepal shall be guided by its own privacy policy and shall deliberately be engaged to maintain and safeguard the privacy of its members.

  1. Disputes and jurisdiction:

Any disputes or conflicts that appear while using this site, such disputes or conflicts will be settled on the basis of the Nepalese law and …………………….. shall have the jurisdiction to look after such disputes.

By accepting all these terms and conditions you accept to become a member of Bihe Nepal and have no objection and doubt about all terms and conditions mentioned. You unconditionally agree to follow all the instructions and terms for using this app and confirm to use it in a responsible manner.